7 Fast Facts About the Google RankBrain Algorithm

In the ever changing world of Google search algorithm updates, one thing is for sure: the algorithms are getting better and better. Google is now taking it a step further with an A.I. powered algorithm called “Rank Brain.” This cutting edge system uses machine learning to help refine search queries and plays a factor in ranking websites. Here, we’ll take a look at seven quick facts about Rank Brain to get a better understanding of its functioning.


1. It Learns the Old-Fashioned Way: Offline

Many will be surprised to find out that Rank Brain actually does most of its learning in offline mode. This is ironic considering that the system is designed to help online searches. In reality, Rank Brain uses a cyclical testing method to carry out the learning process. It makes predictions based on old data; it tests those predictions and then it attempts to prove each theory before returning to an online state. The cycle keeps going on if new types of search queries are entered into the system.

2. It’s the Most Intelligent Employee at Google

The artificial intelligence behind Rank Brain is already surpassing its human creators. Rank Brain beat out some of the most talented computer engineers in the world when it went head to head with staff members during testing. So far, the system is the king of distinguishing relevant content from the irrelevant.

3. It is the Lowest Form of A.I.

There are varying degrees of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and Rank Brain is the lowest. Despite the system’s ability to out-do humans at content filtering, it is still not the most advanced form of A.I. Rank Brain is considered as “narrow” intelligence.

4. It Can Make Vectors

One amazing feature of Rank Brain is that it converts simple words into vector images. These images are used to map out the meaning of words, and to show how words are inter-related.

5. It is Two Years Old

One fact that is not commonly known is that Rank Brain was actually debuted in 2015. Therefore, it is not a new technology although it has been improved over time.

6. It Handles 15% of All Searches Daily

It is said that Rank Brain gets 15% of search queries to work with on a daily basis. This percentage represents many queries that are new or previously unseen by the query system. In fact, the 15% number is a considerably large amount of queries when you remember that Google handles over 3 billion per day. All in all, Rank Brain goes through approximately 450 million queries every day.

7. You Can’t Optimize Your Website for Rank Brain

SEO enthusiasts will be disheartened when they learn that there is no way to optimize for Rank Brain. SEO consulting firm in Austin says the best way to get the most out of Rank Brain is to write your content in a normal, natural style. Aim to please your readers instead of a search algorithm.


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