10 Common Household Objects That Are Part of the Internet of Things

Have you ever wondered which household items connect to one another and how they help to improve your daily life? This concept is referred to as the internet of things and is defined as any network of physical devices that are interconnected. In this article, we will be taking a look at ten common household objects that are part of the internet of things.


1. TVs

First on our list of 10 common household objects that are a part of this network are our very own television sets. For many years now TV’s have been able to be connected to the internet to allow users to connect with home entertainment devices such as game systems and streaming services.


Next on our list are refrigerators, which happen to be relatively new to the lineup of smart objects. These new refrigerators are internet compatible and allow you to access information regarding the current stock of your fridge’s items as well as their expiration dates.

3. Shirts

Shirts are another common household item interconnected with your devices. There are shirts with silver woven into them that allow your shirt to connect with iPhones and Apple watches to provide you with real time data on your workout.

4. Lawn Sprinklers

A significant common household device that allows for optimal lawn maintenance are lawn sprinklers. Thanks to their WiFi compatibility now, your lawn care preferences can be controlled directly from your smart phone as well.

5. Cooking Appliances

Another set of items that are connected today is your kitchen appliances. Many of these can be controlled remotely from your smart phone to prevent overcooking food and even fires.

6. Security Systems

Many homes nowadays have security systems that are interconnected. This connection allows for emergency services to be alerted even in the case of the security system being compromised or damaged. Another benefit to owning one of these security systems is the ability to view live video footage of your home remotely.

7. Thermostats

Thermostats are another common household item that has recently integrated internet connectivity. This technology allows users to receive all relevant data concerning their home’s temperatures to any device that they choose.

8. Air Conditioners

For many, air conditioners are essential to have in certain climates yet are relatively expensive in cost. Thanks to smart technology, air conditioners are now wi-fi compatible, allowing for their settings to be controlled remotely via smart phone or tablet. One is even able to set a particular time when the air conditioner will turn on and off during the day even when no one is home.

9. Washing Machines

Today, even washing machines are Internet-ready, many of which send reports to your smart phone with information regarding your laundry. Users no longer have to get up and check on the washing machine all the time, alerts can now be sent to inform you when it is done with its cycle.

10. Lighting

Last on our list of 10 common household objects that are a part of the internet of things are your home lighting. Certain companies such as Phillips Hue (which is compatible with most home hubs) allow for your home’s lighting to connect to your smartphones and tablets to be managed remotely. Thanks to smart lighting, saving electricity is even easier.

And there we have it, ten common household items that are a part of the internet of things. Thanks to internet connectivity, these forms of technology integration into your home can be easily managed all from one device. Are there any other common household items that you would include into this list? Feel free to comment about them down below.


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