Confirmed Participants

Al Guido
Sean Blankenship
Robert Scoble
Daniel Kaufman
Jill Stelfox
Ken Drazan
Andres Wolberg Stok
Benjamin Parr
Phil Easter
Edith Yeung
Tom Silk
Ira Rubenstein
Kevin Hunter
Jason Johnson
Mark Young
Vernon Turner
Jamie Hull
Jeff Malmad
Jennifer Cooper
Mark Kramer
Chris Akhavan
Brett Worthington
Tom Tercek
Tina Unterlaender
Jeremy Lockhorn
Rajeev Kaul
Greg Millar
Cameron Craig
Rob Martens
Mark Spates
Jonathan Mantell
Lauren Moores
John M. Paul
Andra Keay
Hans Tung
Edgar Figueroa
Parag Vaish
Adam Justice
Ian Beacraft
Bruce Sinclair
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Phil Gerskovich
Kris Bowring
Greg Walker
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Daniel Casner
Tobin Richardson
Brian Chemel
Seamus McAteer
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Santiago Merea
John Ellis
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Alan Chapell
Mario Tapia
Adam Fingerman
Noah Goldstein, PhD, LEED AP
Carey Lai
Chia Chen
Raj Singh
Govin Dandekar
Chick Foxgrover
Anna Bager
Elliott Trice
Mahesh Murthy
Avi Rosenthal
Shaun Dubuque
Rahul Bafna
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Gundeep Hora
Ben Edwards
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Michael Wolf


The producers of APPNATION and the Chief Digital Officer Global Forum are proud to announce the launch of our inaugural Internet of Things (IoT) Influencers Summit which will be held on July 21, 2015, at Levi's Stadium in Silicon Valley. We couldn't be more excited about hosting the Summit at Levi's Stadium, the home of the San Francisco 49ers and Super Bowl 50, and the most technologically advanced stadium in the world. The IoT Influencers Summit will bring together a critical mass of key business decision makers, business developers, and other industry influencers for a full day of content, a  high-touch exhibit showcase, and start-ups from across the IoT ecosystem featured in our always-popular Garage e showcase. Another unique element will be our VIP lunch and closing reception for all delegates on the 50-yard line at Levi's Stadium!


The last thing the industry needs is another generalist IoT conference that simply talks about how big the IoT economy will be - Gartner's estimates that there will be more than 20 billion connected devices globally (excluding smartphones and tablets) by 2020 resulting in a global market valued at $1.9 Trillion. That's big! Subsequently, the focus of our inaugural IoT Influencers Summit will be on the emerging business and use cases for IoT app development and platform investment as well as  the emerging consumer engagement opportunities for leading and upstart brands, agencies, and content companies across emerging IoT platforms and devices. More specifically:

1) The Business Case for IoT App Development: Ultimately, there is one universal thing that every IoT platform and device must have: APPS. Regardless of their utility, market potential, or "cool factor", IoT platforms and devices that do not have valuable, relevant, consumer-friendly apps will not have commercial viability. IoT platforms and devices without relevant apps or vibrant, easily-accessible app ecosystems will be dead-on-arrival. Convincing app developers of the business case to develop apps for emerging IoT platforms is, therefore, of paramount importance. The IoT Influencers Summit will help developers of all sizes with the business case for developing apps for a wide range of connected devices and platforms and dive-in on emerging best practices around IoT app discovery, acquisition, monetization and distribution as well as key emerging technical standards, development platforms and tools, and cross-platform platform and development opportunities

2) Leveraging IoT To Drive Consumer Engagement: We have a rich history of providing actionable and prescriptive content and discussions for leading brands, agencies, and content companies in regards to how they can leverage apps and emerging mobile and IoT platforms and devices to engage with, and learn more, about current and prospective consumers. The IoT Influencers Summit will bring together a pre-qualified group of business decision makers and investors to discuss and explore the broader consumer engagement, branding, and marketing opportunities across the emerging IoT ecosystem.


The IoT Influencers Summit will offer a diverse editorial mix of engaging keynotes, fireside chats, high-caliber roundtables, and deep-dive breakouts along with ample networking time including a VIP lunch and all-delegate closing reception on the 50-yard line at Levi's Stadium. And unlike the big-box, bland trade shows, the IoT Influencers Summit features a more intimate, high-touch exhibit showcase area as well as our recurring Garage showcase of cutting-edge young IoT start-ups from leading universities, accelerators, and incubators. Join us for an informative and inspiring day in Silicon Valley as we discuss, debate, and explore the exploding IT economy and business ecosystem.


The inaugural IoT Influencers Summit will take place July 21, 2015 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. (Please note, a VIP opening reception and keynote will be held on the evening of July 20 at a TBD location with the conference following on the 21st at Levi's Stadium). Levi's Stadium is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and is the home of the NFL's San Francisco 49ers and Super Bowl 50. It is one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the world and sits literally at the nexus of the global IoT economy with the headquarters of hundreds of leading IoT companies within one hour, if not minutes, from The Stadium. Join us for this powerful IoT Influencer Summit at one of the most unique conference venues in the world.



The Call For Speakers deadline for the IoT Influencers Summit deadline is May 31.

We are looking for informative, engaging, articulate industry influencers from across the burgeoning Internet of Things ecosystem. The Summit will focus on the business case for IoT app development and platform investment as well as explore the emerging consumer engagement and marketing opportunities across emerging IoT devices and platforms.

We are looking for leading industry influencers who have a clear point of view and can offer timely, actionable advice as it relates IoT app development, platform investment and consumer engagement opportunities.

Please submit your speaker proposal here.